Echoes of the Maestro – Song 13 – Chinna Kannan Azhaikiraan

Chinnakannan azhaikiran is one of those that invokes a calmness in you whenever you listen to it. A couple of days back when I wrote about Kaadhal Oviyam song from Kavikuyil I discovered that Chinnakannan azhaikiran is also from this album and from that time it has been ringing in my head.

Echoes of the Maestro – Song 12 – Kola kolaya Mundhirikka

Kola Kolaya Mundhirikka seems to have been an anthem back then and it’s a shame most of us hadn’t heard it (or is it just me? I was not even born when this movie came out) and I used to play this game when I was a kid and now it is nowhere to be seen.

Echoes of the Maestro – Song 11 – Poonthendrale

Bhuvana Oru Kelvikuri is one of the rarest films in Tamil that changed the trajectory of an actor who we now fondly call Superstar. Until this film, Tamil audiences knew Rajnikant only as a villain actor and this film proved them wrong. The same happened to veteran actor Sivakumar who until this film only acted as Goody Two Shoes and this film showed the audience another side of the actor.

Echoes of the Maestro – Song 7 – Surangani Surangani

Many would have heard this song just like me, there have been numerous versions across India and there have even been a couple of remixes also. However, I didn’t know Illayaraja had his version for the movie Avar Enakke Sontham.

Echoes of the Maestro – Song 6 – Entha Soundarya Nodu

If you’re Tamil and you’ve heard Sorgame Endraalum from “Ooru vittu Ooru vandhu,” then Entha soundarya nodu is for Kannadigas. This song is all about the beauty of Karnataka. This was my first choice from the album to feature. However, I chose “Heloru Keloru” for being one of the rarest Kannada Cabaret songs.

Echoes of the Maestro – Song 5 – Poovizhi vaasalil

Dheepam (1977) was initially supposed to be Ilaiyaraaja’s debut movie before Annakili. However, due to delays, Annakili ended up being released first, and it became a huge success, making Ilaiyaraaja a household name with its banger of an album.

Echoes of the Maestro – Song 4 – Kettele Ange

Illayaraja is known for some of his hit folk music songs but this one hits on a different level. Unfortunately, I never have listened to this song and also got to know that this song was banned from being aired on All India Radio for its supposedly vulgar lyrics.