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Love and Monsters, Movie Review: A fun-filled ride with Monsters

How far would you go for your love? That forms the central theme of this movie Love and Monsters directed by Michael Matthews, a South African director. After the Monsterpocalypse, when most of humanity perishes the rest go underground, the movie starts with a typical dystopian setup.

Cast: Dylan O’Brien, Jessica Hemwick, Ariana Greenblatt, Michael Rooker, and many more.
Crew: Michael Matthews (Director), Brian Duffield (Story & Screenplay), Matthew Robinson (Screenplay)

Joel Dawson is one of the survivors and stays in a “Colony” along with his other bunkmates who go on a hunt and collect food supplies. Joel on the other hand is to cook and help everyone inside. Before the Monsterpocalypse happened he had a High-school girlfriend and he finds out that she is 80 miles away from him, decides to embark on a journey to meet his High-School sweetheart Aimee. Did he meet Aimee? Did he escape from the monsters? You must watch the movie to find out.

Love and Monsters (2020) Official trailer.

After watching this movie and when I found out that Dylan O’Brian was the lead in “The Maze Runner” series I kinda find a connection here as well. In The Maze Runner, he comes as someone who lost his memory and rose to become a leader of the group. In Love and Monsters too he embarks on a journey and becomes street smart but both these movies are different. Love and Monsters stand more on the lighter tone in its treatment.

I was introduced to Michael Rooker in AMC’s “The Walking Dead” TV show as Merle Dixon and I somehow concluded that he is tailor-made for a Mentor figure in a dystopian movies/Series. I don’t know how I got that in my head, should be the work of The Walking Dead series.

The movie takes a similar trope as any dystopian movie but turns that into a journey of the man who is frozen while fighting to become a brave person and killing monsters. On his journey, he meets a dog, which saves his life, and a duo who teaches him the workings of the surface in this world. Although we get to meet a typical villain which we can discount since the movie is largely enjoyable. They also leave a queue for a second installment, I would recommend don’t expect too much in this movie but go with an open mind. Do catch the movie when you can and I’m sure you will love it.

Happy Watching 😉


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