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“LEADER” The Movie

Leader. Its a Wonderful Telugu Movie. The Movie talks about the Ministers of Andhra Pradesh.  This Movie was released when Andhra’s CM Rajasekhar Reddy. The Movie Starts with the assassination of CM (Suman) when he’s in his Death bed his Son Arjun (Rana) comes from U.S who’s the CEO of some Company there. The Last Wish of CM is his son Arjun has to become CM after his death and he whispers only to his son.

The Party was majorly lead by CM’s elder brother (Kotta Sreenivaasa Rao) and he wanted his son Dhananjay (Subburaju) to become CM and they officially announced Dhananjay as a CM Candidate. But Arjun Silently covers all party members by giving the Black Money which his dad earned during his post. Finally Arjun Becomes CM. Dhanajay cannot Tolerate this and he awaits for a right time to put down Arjun from CM Post.

In the meanwhile Arjun starts Anti-Corruption Force and he wanted to pass the bill of this Force. So he planned to cover only citizens but not politicians and Government Servants. But secretly he planned to cover all Politicians and Government Servants at last. Some how Dhananjay comes to know this and he brings all the Party Members to his side. The remaining story is whether Arjun saved his CM post or not and did he become a Leader or a Politician.

My topic is not about that movie actually its about the Politicians and their acts. According to the Stats Tamil Nadu is in 3rd or 4th position in Corruption. Once i got a chance to go to Secretariat Located in Chennai regarding Tender. I supposed to Sit in-front of Social Welfare Minister’s Cabin.

Let me explain how it looked according to me. Well I was in Block B so i knew only about that block. That building consist of 3 Floors totally. I was in 3rd Floor. Each Minister have separate Cabin which is fully furnished with Centralized AC. Each Minister have PA accordingly Senior PA and his Junior. Those PA’s have some person’s under them lets say எடுபுடி. The matter is that if that எடுபுடி makes a person to meet Minister or his/her PA’s separate commission will transferred to that எடுபுடி and the amount varies according to the person he meets. If PA makes that person to meet Minister that person must transfer some amount to that PA. If Minister approves some Tender for some crores. The person has to transfer some Lakhs to Minister and some thousands to PA and his assistants. I’ve seen all these things happening in 3 hours not completely few matters have gone around.

This shows that each Citizen is responsible for this corruption. Even we people joined in Colleges paying some lakhs as Donation to Colleges. When we need a job we go for Recommendation to some Ministers and blah blah blah……

So there’s nothing to Blame Government and Ministers and Government Servants. First let us be a good citizen and then we can blame others.

How many of you can say that you are a good citizen of our Country?



None………. That’s true and that’s the fact. Atleast our Kids should be a Good Citizen for that We must be a good Citizen.

Try to be good and make our future good…..

அரசியல் ஒரு சாக்கடை!!!! அரசியல் ஒரு சாக்கடைன்னு சொல்லி மூக்க பொத்திகிட்டு போறவங்க தான் எல்லாரும்

இறங்கி சுத்தம் செயனும்ன்னு யாருக்கும் தோணாது

ஒரு தடவ இறங்கி சுத்தம் செஞ்சு தான் பாருங்களேன்…..                      நம்ம உடம்போ இல்ல நம்ம வீடோ

இல்ல நம்ம ஊரோ அழுக்கானா எப்படியோ சுத்தம் பண்ணிரலாம்….

ஆனா நம்ம நாடே அழுக்காகிட்டு இருக்கு

இப்ப இருந்து சுத்தம் பண்ண ஆரம்பிச்ச தான்

ஒரு 10 வருசத்துலயாவது கொஞ்சம் சுத்தம் ஆகும்……..

jai hind……….

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July 24, 2010 at 4:53 pm

ya i agree wat u said…. but i dont think so its possible to change our country…. bcoz corruption in india has went to very high extreme .. Even we tried to live as a good citizen the situations which we face in life wont make us to be like that forever… Bcoz if u alone going to be a good citizen you wil be a looser in all cases… Only those who doin these illegal activities wil go high… In my life i have seen a lot like this especially wen i joined in st josephs( famous coll in gettin donations)… So rather than tryin to change this country we have to bear this and lead the life as it goes…. Then only you can becum a wel recognised man… Otherwise you wil be a good citizen but you wil not be able to face this world and your cumin generations wil also suffer due to this… Iam not sayin that everyone should involve in corruption… But im saying its totally waste in trying to change India from this…

July 24, 2010 at 5:06 pm

But praveen my point of view is that atleast we youngsters can become a group and try stopping corruption rite? That’s not gonna cause you a bad name or anything……… I’m talking a matter of being and guiding ppl…….. You r talking of only ur life…… Thats what the mistake all youngsters do……..

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