My Aim

Aim. This word have such a power in it. Each and every one in this world have their own aims, even they have copied aims also [(i.e.,) he doesn’t know what his aim is and will see what others say and he will start preparing for that aim…… ha ha ha ha].

When we were in School we would often come across the topic from our teachers “What’s your Aim?” Some may really aim for that, but many don’t know what’s their aim and only at that time we’ll assign an aim to ourselves and that’s the fact. Even I did.  When my Teacher asked me what’s my Aim I said i wanted 2 me an Engineer. At that age i don’t even know what does an Engineer do and what his work nature is. Even till my 11th standard i was thinking that i should be an Engineer.

But at one point suddenly it flashed in me that i should be a Photographer. I started learning about photos and Photographers. I Love taking Photos of Nature and Animals. Since then i changed myself to join Visual Communication. Photo is not only my aim i love to hold camera for a Movie and I need to become a Film Director. Even i had Lots of Story Lines. Love story, Fantasy Story, Investigation Story, Kids Story much more.

I came Chennai regarding that. My Parents are really not Interested to allow me to Chennai but somehow i reached here. Once i reached Chennai only i realized myself i must be a Role Model to someone in some field and main
ly to be a Good Human. At least one person should take me as a role model to his life that’s my aim and I started working on it. For someone it might be funny but being a Role Model and a Good Human is really a toughest Job if possible try Yourself.

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Many won’t differentiate Aim and Wish. They think their aim and wish are same that’s really not true. Aim is different and wish is different. My wish is to be a Good Cinematographer and A Film Maker, but my Aim is to be a Role Model. So my Sincere Advice is feel the difference. Work for your aim make your wish come True.

All The Best………

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