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Kee – An unimpressive so-called Social Thriller

Are there righteous hackers in the world? For a change yes, there are a few. Hackers would always want to hold on to their anonymity owing to the risks of government and law getting hold of them and punishing them. Sid aka Siddharth (Jiiva) is one such righteous hacker who hacks into everyone’s cellphones to pick up a vulnerable girl for a one-night stand. Oh! Don’t get shocked by this and this is the hero introduction ?

Cast: Jiiva, Nikki Galrani, Anaika Soti, RJ. Balaji, Govind Padmasooriya and many others.
Crew: Kalees (Director), Vishal Chandrasekhar (Music), Abinandhan Ramanujan (Cinematographer)

In the Introduction scene of Sid, he talks about hacking and his special virus for which he named Baasha, which hacks everyone’s devices by showing some relevant ads, in turn, the hero could get all the data about people. With that information, he approaches a woman and tells everything about her including the bra she wears right now. Wow! Not creepy at all. Surprisingly, Vandana (Anaika Soti) doesn’t even flinch a bit but is in awe. I don’t know when we will come out these non-sense, romanticizing a pervert and the most stalkerish hero.

The movie has an excellent one line, A flawed hero whom the movie romanticizes which was the biggest problem of all. Even other problems like explaining every other technology through dialogues come secondary. After the brief Chikkan Chikkan scene, the hero goes on to fall in love with another girl and there is an unwanted Feminism angle brought into the movie out of nowhere.

Most of our directors don’t respect our audiences when they go on to explain technology in dialogues instead of showing them as visuals. The fetish for showing the hero as savior should also stop only then we will get good films instead of mediocre craps like this.

Govind Padmasooriya as Shivam did a fantastic job of sending terrors to us as an evil hacker. For me, a villain depiction without any motivation but terrorizing people out of pure fun is refreshing. A villain doesn’t need a backstory nor Psychopaths. If the story is interesting enough to hook you onto the movie, the rest doesn’t matter at all. Director fails here because of the lack of an airtight screenplay. He thought with a Social message he can get away but when the hero himself is a pervert, I don’t know how can he drive that thought?

The father sentiment was also unnecessary but it was placed to shock us. Otherwise, the father character doesn’t add any value. Also, the movie starts moving in the first half itself which was good but establishing the primary conflict comes towards the interval. It was kinda bleh! but okay. I wouldn’t even recommend this for a one time watch. Even though this movie was supposed to have come before Irumbuthirai, Kee lacks the punch the former had.

Have you watched the movie? What are your thoughts? Comment away ?

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