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Book Review – Pretty Perilous Parakeet

Goosebumps is one of the earliest Horror books I read as a Kid. Even though my English comprehension was poor back then, I somehow managed to grasp what the story was and how I ended up in many sleepless nights—reading this novel kind of reminded me of those early days. I’m pretty sure the intended audiences for this book will feel scary.

Author: L.G. Cunningham Language: English No. of Pages: 176 Format: eBook Genre: Children’s Horror

Archie Jones is an Animal Expert, who is very fond of them more than that Humans. He is often bullied and made fun of for his appearance and behavior including his younger sibling Sophia. He got all these traits from his father who is a Zookeeper, they have a home zoo of sorts where they have rescued animals.

One fine day Mr. Jones takes Archie and his sister to a Pet Sanctuary (or is it?) which he heard from his friend. Upon reaching the place, both the kids find the place to be creepy so is the man who runs it. The not so Animal-friendly Sophie finds a Golden parakeet and loves it, she asks her father if they can take her. The owner of the Pet sanctuary allows it but things turn upside down after this. Both Archie and Sophie witness something abnormal in a couple of days and embark on a Journey. What was that abnormal thing they witnessed? Why did they embark on a Journey? you should read the book to find answers.

I liked how the author built the suspense and suddenly twisted the tables towards the end is really commendable. We read the book knowing it to be a horror but the genre slowly unfolds in places that you wouldn’t expect.

The character of Archie and the bond he shares with his little friend Lizzy is nicely written and as a moral of the story, the Author tells How one should not judge a person by their appearance. He has a very interesting take on this and ultimately it all falls under the circumstances and Kids should be careful in choosing whom to trust and whom not to.

I really enjoyed reading this book and am very stoked to read the next installment in the “Jitters” Series. Have you read any Horror books as a child? What are your memories associated with it? Do share it in the comments section.

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