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Claire by Poornima Baskar – Book Review

Claire – A good daughter, a wife any man wants to get married to and a very nice human being who has(d) a small friends circle with no enemies or that is what many thought until the Police department found her body in the lake. She died due to an accident but Detective Bracken thinks otherwise. He takes us with him on the Journey of a twisted yet interesting crime tale.

I would call this a brilliant short Murder mystery novel, which built the curiosity within the first 10 pages itself. Along with Bracken we are also left dumbfounded and lost in finding justice to the dead.

What I liked about this book was that the language was so easy to catch up on, though it was set-up in the fictional town of the West. The narration is flawless. Another interesting part is the way every character was built. Though I wish Hailey had a bigger part in this tale instead of Bracken alone carrying it on his shoulders.

If only most of the debut Authors could write such brilliant novels I would be happy to experiment with them. This is the third book of a debut author whose characters I couldn’t take my mind off. I am sure the characters and the plot are going to stay with me and run in my head for a long time.

This review is the shortest one because I don’t want to give away too many details which would spoil the fun of reading this book. I recommend this book to everyone. Let you be a murder mystery fan or a new reader or even exploring genres do give it a try and you wouldn’t regret.

Happy Reading.

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