Ooru Peru Bairavakona – Movie Review

Fantasy and Telugu Cinema are inseparable, right from the times of Vittalacharya to today’s Vi Anand, Telugu cinema is filled with a lot of writers who have a good grip on writing Fantasy stories and add Horror and Comedy to the mix then you’ve got your perfect commercial concoction of a movie. Ooru Peru Bairavakona falls right in between all this and did the movie live up to the Telugu Movie standards?

Eagle (2024) – Telugu Movie Review

Is it just me or does it seem like Ravi Teja is choosing scripts where he plays a bad guy at first, but then transforms into a good person towards the end? Whether it’s this movie, Tiger Nageswara Rao, Dhamaka, Khiladi, or Disco Raja, they all have something in common besides Ravi Teja. Are we seeing a pattern here? Ravi Teja gaaru, I’m not sure about your other fans, but for me, seeing you in similar roles is becoming boring and repetitive. Did Eagle fare better for me? Let’s delve deeper.

Guntur Kaaram – Movie Review

In a scene where Venkata Ramana (Mahesh Babu) learns a portion of a backstory from his father on why his mother left him and his dad. His frustration of being an unwanted son and his yearning for love from both his parents was evident. One of the few nicely written moments in the film where Mahesh Babu’s conviction speaks a lot, so does what the movie wants us to feel about the lead character. However, is that enough?