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My Hero Academia – Review

Before I write anything, I must say My Hero Academia is my 3rd Anime Series and I’m slowly getting into the world of Anime I must say. My first ever Anime was One Punch Man, I wanted to write about that show but never got around to write about it. I might re-watch and write. about it. The same goes with my Second Anime Series Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. It is supposedly one of the best Anime series and Manga according to a couple of my friends. I was so into that show which talked so many things. Again, as usual, I failed to write about it even though I had the idea. I might re-watch and write the things which I actually want to about FMAB too.

Now, to this show. I didn’t have an ounce of idea what My Hero Academia was all about. I came across this show through a YouTube Channel Variant Comics, which is my go-to Channel for everything Comics. The host mentioned this show couple of times and one fine day I stumbled upon it on Netflix. Boy Oh boy!, I wasn’t expecting what I am experiencing from the show right now. I’ve put out a tweet stating that I would write a bigggg review for this show, just so that I’m accountable and people ask me about it.

Many things happened between I announced writing this review to me actually publishing it. As the show is currently in its Season 5, I got around watching the two accompanied movies as well, which are available on Netflix. Let’s get to business.

Plot brief:

My Hero Academia is set in the future world where people are born with powers and are called Quirks in that world. The story follows Midoriya Izuku, who is quirkless in that world. He ends up meeting his most favorite hero and gets an opportunity to study in the prestigious UA School, where most of the Top heroes in the country were graduated from.

In UA School, he meets many interesting people along with his Friend/rival Bakugou Katsuki. You’ll know more about their interesting relationship when you watch the show and I don’t want to spoil that for you by giving away too much. Bakugo is an interesting character and you’ll be in a confused state if he is a good or a bad guy.

Why did I like this show?

As my previous two Anime series goes, they have so many characters. Even though the story starts with one or two characters, we get to know the background of many characters. So that we give equal respect and attention to every character in the show. I’m not sure if all the Animes are like that but at least the three I watched are like this and would love to see more Animes that give character arcs to everyone but not the primary ones.

In My Hero Academia, we get to know almost all of Class 1-A’s backstories, how they came to be, what they are now, and even the back story of the smallest of Villians in the show. Characters are the biggest strength in this Anime and most of them have their own Character arc, defining who they are, what their character represents, and their actions. I actually thought of breaking down atleast some important characters of the show but again, I’ve become out of sync and can’t think too much of the Characters.

Other associated Stories:

I’ve heard Animes are notorious to add additional sub-plots away from the original Mangas just to appease its fans. So far be it the Anime series or the Movie, they were well within the story and I don’t find any deviation from it.

Most of the times the Series would move into a different direction not for the sake of it but well within the story limits I guess, they are super wow to watch in My Hero Academia. They wouldn’t even be part of the main story but some competition in the School or something of sorts. There are few episodes which would simply blow your mind for the execution and the way the story turns out to exhibit a character or their act.


My Hero Academia is a fun little show which has so much heart and messaging to it. I’m not sure if I can call it a little show because right now we are into the 100th episode spanning 5 Seasons. I never thought I would watch a series so fast. Within a Month’s time I finished the whole 4 Seasons and currently waiting for the new episode to get released.

My Hero Academia will definitely hook you up so much that you would end up bingeing it without you even realising it. Do give this Anime show a shot and I’m very sure you’d love it.

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